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Is the Covid-19 vaccines safe?

Some can't wait for vaccine and others want until they are given it.

The coronavirus has affected close to 11 million people in the U.S. The rising number of cases concerns many health experts, causing them to rapidly find a way to control the vaccine. Experts believe that the Covid-19 vaccines will help control the spread of the virus. Many agree with experts in needing a vaccine quickly and are confident in having a positive outcome.

“I feel like there is no harm that can come from it especially since we have a lot of scientists working on it that are very specialized in them (vaccines). I have confidence in them," says April Delea, University of Miami student.

Vaccines go through various trials in order for medical experts to safely distribute them to the public. As experts continue to create a safe vaccine, several individuals are concerned with how quickly scientists are trying to produce them.

"I'm slightly worry under this administration whether FDA regulations and kind of stimulus for political reasons would cause them to bypass regulations that might be necessarily," says Cameron Bruce, Senior at University of Miami. "So I will probably wait for other people to get it and see the general population fares."

Health experts are aware that the first batch of vaccines may not be as affected as they would like however they are optimistic that a viable vaccine will come soon. Dr. Rene Lopez- Guerrero understands that creating a viable vaccine is a working progress.

"I believe that perhaps the first generation of vaccines that comes out may not be as affected as we would like. Certainly I believe down the road they will arrive at a point when there will be a safe vaccine that will be affective," says Lopez-Guerrero.

Several companies such as Pfizer and Moderna Inc. have been testing individuals through the clinical trials and have deemed their vaccines 95% effective. According to Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Dr. Brett Giroir, all indications point to Pfizer and Moderna Inc. distributing extremely safe vaccines to higher risk populations first. After further testing the rest of America could see a vaccine towards the third quarter of 2021.

"A safe vaccine against covid-19 is how we are going to be able to overcome this pandemic," says Lopez-Guerrero.

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